What is check-in kiosk and how to use it in the climbing gym?

tablet scan your ticket

Check-in kiosks are self-service kiosks designed to control a customer’s time in your climbing gym.

They allow customers to register, enter and leave the climbing gym by themselves, using scanners and simple tablet devices. This reduces the responsibilities of the receptionist and shortens the time to enter and leave the climbing gym. It is extremely important, especially if there are a lot of customers present in the gym and at the reception desk.


Check-in kiosks enables customers to make a payment if they exceed the specified time purchased for the stay in the gym. In this case, the customer can only leave the club via the exit gate after the payment has been made.


Check-in kiosks are usually in the form of tablets with scanners. They take the boring and monotonous work of reception. 


To enter your climbing gym using this kind of kiosk, the customer have to meet one of the following conditions:


  • Bring temporary ticket with the QR code previously purchased online


  • Have temporary ticket with the QR code purchased at the reception of the club


  • Have temporary ticket with the QR code previously purchased at the self-service kiosk



3 Reasons why you should use this solution in your climbing gym:


  • Flexibility

In the first place, with our check-in kiosks software you have the opportunity to let your customers be in your climbing gym for any amount of time and pay only for the time they spent there. They can buy in the self-service kiosk for example entrance for 90min, 120min or 360min but for one time use only 40min of the available time. All depends on their preferences.


  • 100% Automation

Secondly, check-in kiosks the same as simple sale kiosks are intended for self use by customers. Follow the latest technologies and offer your customers convenient automatic operation.


  • Improving customers satisfaction

Moreover, it is obvious that happy customers are the key to business success. So, it’s worthwhile to enhance their comfort with a simple and transparent ticket buying process. It will be beneficial for your company as well as for your customers! 

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