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access control proximity cards

Nowadays, when the costs of running a sports club are constantly rising, many climbing gym owners decide to introduce partial automation instead of hiring additional employees. In this situation they have to choose a method of automation with which they will support the club’s employees.


Possibilities of access control solutions with the use of proximity cards


The three most commonly used configurations of access control solutions in the form of proximity cards are:

  • Access control in the form of proximity cards and HID Reader located at the club reception
  • Automated access control in the form of proximity cards (Virdi AC1100 Readers) located at the club entrance on the access control device
  • Biometrics supplemented with proximity cards (Virdi AC2100 Readers) located at the club entrance on the access control device


Proximity cards and readers at the reception of the climbing gym

This is a basic method that can be used without having to implement club automation. Proximity cards assigned to customers are a convenient and secure method, easy to use even by children or the elderly who are not familiar with modern technologies.

Proximity cards can be assigned to the client at the club reception on the first visit. Then, on subsequent visits, if the customer has an active pass, he only needs to scan the card to be identified and be able to enter the facility. This significantly speeds up customer service at the reception and allows employees to spend more time on improving the quality of services provided by the club and encouraging customers to take advantage of the additional offer supplementing their training at the climbing gym.


Proximity cards and card readers at the entrance of the club without the participation of reception staff

Method used in the fully or partially automated clubs with the card readers placed at the entrance to the club on gates, turnstiles or before the entrance next to the man trap doors. The location of the reader is fully dependent on the solutions of entering the building where the club is located.

Each customer with a card assigned and with an active pass can enter the club by scanning the card in a reader. This is a very good way to prevent queues from forming at the entrance to the climbing gym.

Access control in the form of biometrics supplemented with proximity cards

Biometrics supplemented with proximity cards is one of the safest ways of automated access control. It works best in two cases where access control with biometrics alone may be insufficient. Training in climbing centers often causes hand skin damage. Access control in the form of biometrics can then be quite problematic and an additional method of customer verification is needed. It also happens that customers do not agree to leave their fingerprints and in such a situation the club should have an alternative solution for them. The most commonly used method is to supplement biometric access control with proximity cards.


Additional information about proximity cards

Proximity cards are fully adapted to the visual identity of your climbing center. All you have to do is provide us with a design of their appearance and we will deal with the processing of the order! To learn more on specific types of automatic access control solutions and their prices, contact us at

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