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Climbing gym analytics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Achieve your business goals with the best IT partner. Respond to changes, exceed gym members expectations. Manager Panel presents not only the current condition of the climbing gym, but also supports business development strategy. Gather data, analyze and take action!

Dashboard KPI

Check the condition of your club by reaching for KPIs that will show the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Performance indicators of your business. Promote effective sales channel, types of passes or popular locations.

Analyze reports

Draw the conclusion not only on the basis of general indicators. Use option of generating reports. Verify your team`s work, know your clients, estimate revenue, and plan expenses.

Retention indicator

Check how your offer engages existing customers to continue buying products or services. Browse the statistics of clients at risk, including the number of loyal members, attendance and cancellation.


Prepare your climbing gym to welcome your clients. Enable all necessary options in the CLIMBMANAGER. Specify the required actions, procedures that are important for your team and business.

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Online booking platform for climbing gym

Discover the Client Panel - the online booking platform to self-manage client's account and the membership - no need to contact the climbing gym reception desk. Convenient browsing the offer, passes purchase, management, and booking classes. Now your client can manage their membership on their own.

Your offer is online

Do not close gym after business hours: open 24/7 online sale. Sale easily passes and memberships, enable to book group classes, personal trainings, time-slot gym entry. Integrate with online payment, recurring payments, offer discount codes. Simple & safe service.

Membership management

Self-management of membership and classes bookings. Purchase of membership, suspension of payments, renewal of membership, booking cancellation. Motivate your client to train with the history of gym entries and membership.

Hybridize your offer

Launch online classes and online training (live streaming and on-demand). Settle your online offer in the “pay as you go” model. Digital opens up bigger audiences. There may be less revenue per head, but there are many more heads to go after.

Strengthen relationships

Integrate the Client Panel with marketing tools. Deepen relationship with your client – install a chat plugin. Track activity through analytics tools. Regain the customer’s attention and attract new ones through advertising campaigns.

POS for climbing gym

A powerful tool for managing your club, members, sales and their activity. Continuously expanded with new functionalities and integrations. All information about your clients and a climbing gym in one place.

Member's dashboard

Track the customer life cycle. Analyze mistakes, react in advance. Clear presentation of each client's activity and purchase statistics. Use in-depth information about your client in club staff notes, the history of sent SMS messages and e-mails.

Manage offer

Prepare a calendar of classes, personal training, specify rules of booking and equipment rental. Add special climbing zones with extra access control verification. Choose what kind of offer is available in selected sales channels or locations.

Flexible administration

Prepare the climbing gym to welcome your customers. Enable options relevant to your gym. Set the facility’s employees their level of access to data and the possibility of their processing. Verify their effectiveness with reports.

Comprehensive sale

Everything you need to sell passes, memberships, products, and services. Choose acceptable payment methods, set up the sales procedure. Full management of stock, deliveries, FIFO, purchase costs, VAT rates.


Overcome seasonal fluctuations. Launch an online sales channel that will attract the attention of not only active customers but the climbing community in general. Come out with a parallel offer of accessories for climbers, vouchers and group trips. Create a comprehensive offer and show that your business meets all expectations of climbers.



Don’t limit your offer only to products and services that are available for sale at the climbing gym. Make your offer fully available online. Sell products regardless of the opening hours of your gym. Reach an audience wider than your client base.


Climbing equipment rental, workshops, training, or maybe group trips? Create an offer that will go beyond the climbing gym. Take the initiative and prepare a proposal that increases revenues, without the need to expand the climbing gym infrastructure.

Full integration

One system, one stock – full control over your business. Decide which products are to be available online. Control your stocks. Analyze sales results, see which group of customers is the most active in e-commerce.


Online payments including discount codes. Benefit from the possibility to reward loyal clients and offer them discount codes that they will use to purchase services and products.

Tablet applications

Tablet applications

Do you want to increase the positive experience of clients visiting your climbing gym? Use tablet applications. Install them in places where the clients expect contact with your brand.

Welcome tablet

Client puts the membership card to the reader? Greet the clients when they enter your climbing gym. Install the tablet on which the screen will display a personalized welcome message.

Time control tablet

Your climbing gym offers time-limit entries, for example hourly tickets? The time control tablet will help the client plan the training. After applying the transponder to the reader, a stopwatch will be displayed with information about the remaining time.

Satisfaction rate tablet

Collect feedback from clients! Install the satisfaction tablet at the exit from your climbing gym. The client will assess the level of satisfaction with the quality of services and infrastructure on a 5-point scale.

Locker room tablet

Sometimes clients forget their locker numbers. Our system supports locker rooms with electronic locks. Install the tablet in the locker room and it will display the locker number after applying the transponder to the reader.

Access control for a climbing gym

Integrate the climbing wall with the access control system. Thanks to CLIMBMANAGER, you will automate the entrance to the club, separate paid zones, limit unauthorised entries, and increase control over the number of customers staying in the climbing wall facility. Additionally, you will improve employee settlement of working time.

Access control

QR codes

A user-friendly QR code access control system.


Biometric fingerprint scanner with optional card reader.

Turnstiles, man trap doors

Security turnstiles & access controlled gates.

Card readers

Contactless card readers; proximity ID & RFID cards, and RFID wristbands.


Automation, management, marketing

Switch your business to automation. Let the repetitive activities and selected aspects of customer service be handled by the system. Turn your climbing gym into a 24/7 facility. Focus on the quality of customer service. CLIMBMANAGER will ensure smooth sales.

Customer service

Prepare the system for aggregating and processing customer data. Segment data into groups, assign discounts. Send mailings, automatic notifications and personalised messages.

Sale of membership, products

Configure contracts, create different types of tickets, enable automatic debt collection. Enter the product range into the system. Enable open accounts and recurring payments.

Facility and reservations management

Prepare the system for your needs. Adjust the levels of access to the system options for reception staff, trainers and managers.

Business growth

CLIMBMANAGER is ready to handle both one climbing gym and a franchise. Configure the availability of the offer, products, and services. Prepare shop panels for specific points of sale.

Self-service Kiosk

All-in-one self-service solution, from joining to accessing the gym. Autonomous sales stand solution for both new and current members to create, manage, or update all of their membership related tasks. A user-friendly registration with optional biometric authentication. Give your client a choice and make transactions easier. Several ways of payment, including recurring payments. Implement a solution which not only generates profit, but also builds a modern outlook of a facility.

Self-service Kiosk in a climbing gym

Manage an account

Full control over personal data management and membership. Decide how the account registration and verification process should look like, choose the mandatory and optional data to be completed. Add payment methods, integrate with a payment terminal.

Booking classes

Let your clients filter classes by trainers or times of the day. Create a list of favourite classes. Book and cancel your participation in classes. View your activity history. Increase customer independence and reduce employee costs.

Purchase of membership

Select the passes to be available for sale at the self-service kiosk. Configure the circumstances related to client suspending their membership, add a survey that will indicate the reasons for the suspension of the contract and its termination.

Customise branding

Match the colours of the self-service kiosk application to the visual identification of your climbing gym. Prepare a screen saver in the form of a video or photo slideshow that can advertise your facility or partner services.

Automate, digitalize and hybridize your business.

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