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solid management

One system - numerous possibilities


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Achieve your business goals with the best IT partner. Respond to changes, exceed gym members ‘expectations. Manager Panel presents not only the current condition of the climbing gym, but also supports business development strategy. Gather data, analyze and take action!


A mobile application is a must-have today. It is an effective tool that not only increases operational efficiency, but also builds stronger bonds with club members, making investing in a mobile application a strategic step in business development.

Online booking platform

Discover the Clients Panel – the online booking platform to self-managing client’s account data and the memberships – no need to contact the climbing gym reception desk. Convenient way to browse the offer, purchase passes, manage business, and book classes. Now your client can manage their membership on their own.

POS for Climbing Gym

A powerful tool for quick and effective club and member management, sales and their activities. Constantly expanded with new functionalities and integrations. All information about your clients and climbing gym in one place.


Do you want to increase the positive experience of customers visiting your climbing gym? If so, use the tablet app. Give your customers the opportunity to register quickly and independently, evaluate the club and improve their satisfaction.

Access control automation

Integrate the climbing wall with your access control system. Thanks to CLIMBMANAGER, you will automate the entrance to the club, separate paid zones, limit unauthorized entries and increase control over the number of customers staying at the climbing wall facility. Additionally, you will improve your work and stop wasting time on repetitive activities.

AUTOMATION marketing

Keep up with the times! Let the system handle repetitive activities and selected aspects of customer service. Make sure your customers feel appreciated. Automatic information about new products, promotions and important events, sending birthday wishes, direct contact with the club member? It’s possible!


A complete self-service solution, from joining to gym access. A standalone sales booth solution for new and existing members to create, manage and update all your membership tasks. Choose a solution that not only generates profit, but also improves the modern appearance of your facility.


Climbing involves a certain level of risk. Online waivers allow customers to consciously give consent to accepting this risk and understanding the need to adhere to safety rules, and having valid and up-to-date consent forms is crucial from a legal and administrative standpoint.


Integration with payment systems involves connecting the company’s software with payment services or gateways, enabling the processing of financial transactions in an automated and secure manner.



Build a competitive advantage with modern software for managing a climbing gym.