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See CLIMBMANAGER product plans. We have several dozen functionalities for your business.



/month / club

1 sales point in a climbing gym

Sale passes, memberships, products

Manager Panel - basic analitical reports

Personal trainings - manage, book


Technical support

Basic + Club


/month / club

3 sales points in a climbing gym

Marketing tools: e-mail, SMS, newsletter

Warehouse management; inventory, FIFO

Invoicing system

Contract and membership management


Basic + Club + Pro


/month / club

Unlimited sales points in a climbing gym

Point of Sale Application - book classes

Client Panel - online sale, membership management, payment integration

Manager Panel - full access

Self-service kiosk app with waivers

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You surely have lots of questions. I will show you how you can use CLIMBMANAGER to manage your climbing gym. Test all the products by yourself. Evaluate the potential of using CLIMBANAGER in your facility. We will select the right product plan.

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Basic 89€ Club 159€ Pro 329€
Number of sales points 1 up to 3 unlimited
Technical support 8-18/mon-fri 8-18/mon-fri 24/7
POS - sale passes, memberships, products
E-mail/Newsletter/SMS marketing
Invoicing system
Manager Panel - basic access
Support - Knowledge Base
Client Panel - book classes
Client Panel - branding
Client Panel - online store
49 euro
Client Panel - online sale
Manager Panel - full access
POS - personal trainings
POS - book classes
Warehouse management
Contract and membership management
Automatic debt collection
Document storage capacity 500 MB 2 GB2 GB
Biometric access control - module 49 euro 49 euro
Self-service kiosk app with waivers 49 euro 49 euro
Tablet modules
49 euro
Support - data transfer Individual pricing Individual pricing Individual pricing
Support - dedicated changes in the system
Individual pricing Individual pricing
Support - dedicated consultant

Get to know the Client Panel

Digitalize your offer. Reach customers 24/7. Launch the online sales, booking and membership management module. Control the number of people in the facility. Expand business opportunities – start an online store.

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Potential clients often ask about:

Time slots

Enable booking of gym entry in the form of time slots. Replace the widget on the website or the counter of people currently staying in the area of the climbing gym, for convenient booking of entry from the level of the Client Panel online.

Online membership management

We do give your clients the ability to manage their membership by themselves! Clients buy passes online, manages membership, book a place for classes, and view the history of membership.

Full stock management

Inventory, deliveries, VAT rates, product purchase prices, FIFO. We also offer inventory reports and options that are very helpful in keeping stocks for both single gyms and climbing gym chains.

Customer & Technical Support

Our team supports clients in the daily operation of the system: technical helpline, e-mail support, chat, knowledge base, onboarding trainings and webinars that expand user’s knowledge and skills.