How to automate
the climbing gym?

Do your reception staff have a problem with keeping up with the work related to customer service? Do you want to run sales and customer service online? Do you want to know which access control is best to choose?

Are you wondering how much it can cost and when will the return on investment come?

Learn about proven solutions and specific examples of automation in the climbing gym that you can implement in your business.

DOWNLOAD EBOOK (55 pages + examples of implementations) AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


  • How to automate the climbing gym step by step?
  • Are your climbing gym team and customers ready for automation?
  • How much does it cost to automate the climbing gym and when will the return on investment come?
  • Is it worth automating a small climbing gym?
  • What is integrated access control?

Why was this publication created?

When we talk about automation with climbing gym owners, we notice that many people are thinking:
“Automation is expensive – I cannot afford it.”
“My climbing gym is too small to need automation.”
“I manage a sports complex that never used access control – the adaptation of the facility will be unprofitable.”
“I am not sure when and if the investment in access control will payback.”
This ebook explains most of the doubts.

Who is this ebook for?

The guide has been prepared for owners and managers of climbing gyms who want specific knowledge (and from a proven source!) about the automation of their business.
The Ebook shows various ways to reduce the work of employees, managers, by automating activities and processes in which they do not have to participate in personally.

What will you find in the Ebook?

  • Changes in consumer behavior – what is worth paying attention to in order to exceed the expectations of customers
  • Automation of a climbing gym – how it should be understood, what should be taken into account
  • Selected solutions – how to automate sales, customer service, facility infrastructure – specific ideas
  • Where to start – what actions are worth taking to implement automation


How to automate the climbing gym?

Download Ebook (55 pages + examples of implementations) and grow your business!