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Local server vs cloud storage for climbing gym

Local server or cloud storage?   Have you ever thought about which data ...

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tablet applications blog CLIMB

Tablet applications for your climbing gym

Improve your climbing gym customers experience thanks to tablet applications   Nowadays, technology ...

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tablet scan your ticket

What is check-in kiosk and how to use it in the climbing gym?

Check-in kiosks are self-service kiosks designed to control a customer’s time in your ...

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simple sale kiosk grafika blog

Why are simple sale kiosks valuable for your business?

  Why are simple sale kiosks valuable for your business? The success of ...

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climbing gym membership tips min

8 techniques to increase climbing gym membership sales

Sales tactics in the gym business are key. The success of a climbing ...

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climbing gym online account min

How to attract more customers to a climbing gym?

Ensure that formalities don’t get in the way of gaining climbing gym customers. ...

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climbing gym KPIs

KPIs of Climbing Gyms

Read about the most important KPIs of climbing gyms to verify your business ...

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Climbing gym members

Climbing gym customers – acquire, keep and bind

Do you know that about 60% of new clients visit the climbing wall ...

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climbing gym

Back to the climbing gym – be ready to open a business

Are you getting ready to re-open your climbing gym? Make sure your customers ...

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membership management in a climbing gym

Membership management in a climbing gym – let`s go online

Online sales and online membership management is a relief for your staff. It ...

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