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Access Control in a Climbing Gym – Proximity Cards

Nowadays, when the costs of running a sports club are constantly rising, many climbing gym owners decide to introduce partial automation instead of hiring additional employees. In this situation they have to choose a method of automation with which they will support the club’s employees.   Possibilities of access control ...

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Climbing gym automation – when is it worth implementing?

Automation can improve customer service and minimize or even completely exclude employee participation in the passes and contracts purchase process.   In what situations is it worth implementing automation in a climbing gym?   Your club has a problem with reception capacity Queues at your sports center are not always ...

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POS classes

POS in a Climbing Gym – Practical Information

What is worth knowing about selling in the climbing gym? If you have no experience in working with POS in a climbing gym or you are wondering if CLIMBMANAGER solution has the options that are required for your business model, consider this article as an introduction to the topic of ...

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Climbing classes for children – what you need to know

Climbing classes for children Climbing classes for children is increasingly popular among parents who wish to register children for additional sports classes. The reason for choosing this sport is that it teaches children to focus and helps to cross physical and psychological barriers. Climbing gives children a lot of fun ...

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CRM in a Climbing Gym

What is CRM? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool that supports the work of managers and sales, marketing and customer service departments. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to automate and support the processes of acquiring and maintaining contact with customers. The sales department in most well-organized ...

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Recruitment of climbing gym employees

The employees of climbing centers are an important element of the operation of this type of business. The recruitment of the climbing center staff should therefore be carried out in a well-organized and thoughtful manner.   What do you need to remember when planning the recruitment of employees in your ...

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6 things to include in the “First visit at the climbing gym” page

First visit at the climbing center usually creates a lot of questions and concerns. As we all know, the beginnings of climbing, as well as any other sport, can be difficult. New athletes can therefore have a lot of distracting thoughts, that can reduce satisfaction from climbing training. Make sure ...

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How to build long-term relationships with climbing-gyms customers?

Are you wondering how to keep a new customer in your climbing gym for longer?   Good relationships with customers are key to the success of any business. This also applies to sports facilities, including climbing gyms. To achieve long-term positive results, remember that maximizing the return on a single ...

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Modern Marketing in a Climbing Gym

Climbing is becoming increasingly popular, but this also means that more competition is emerging in the market. More and more climbing centers are being built, so if you own a climbing gym, you must try to stand out from the competitors.   How to achieve this?   Watch an interview ...

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Local server vs cloud storage for climbing gym

Local server or cloud storage?   Have you ever thought about which data storage solution is better for your climbing gym?   Secure and convenient storage of data is important in every business. Regardless of whether you run a small climbing gym or own a huge climbing gym chain.    ...

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