Developing a business strategy for your climbing gym – online course

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Developing a business strategy for a climbing gym


How do you monetize the value you provide?

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– managing
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Automate, digitalize, and hybridize your business.

Efficiency in management requires adapting as fast as the world is changing. Learn how to improve sales, marketing, and management of a climbing gym with IT and digital solutions.


You`ll learn:


Opening Mateusz Ropka

Climbing business on hold?

Eight questions worth to ask yourself when managing a climbing gym.

Automation Mateusz Ropka

Manage like a machine

From manual procedures to automation. Management and customer service automation are everywhere. When you find something, you do more than once that adds value, you need to look into automation. Benefits & tools for a climbing gym.

Digitalize Magdalena Sala

Direct sales vs channel sales strategy: find the right balance

Selling face-to-face can build a personal relationship but it is the most expensive sales channel as it demands higher staff. Take advantage of technology and save serious money with automation, running new sales channels and reaching your customers 24/7.

Hybridize Magdalena Sala

Digital marketing: connecting people & ideas

Climb beyond. How to reach and build relationships with customers from a distance? Use technology to facilitate communication and create a hybrid membership. Digital marketing tools for your climbing gym.

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The course allows you to strengthen those skills that each manager needs to improve. You will get: lifetime, full access to the course, support (live QA sessions, live webinars), regular updates:

-marketing communications: offline versus online

-finding consumer focus within a value-based consumer segmentation

-lead generation: ideas & strategies

-access control: everything you need to know