CRM in a Climbing Gym

CRM in a Climbing Gym

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool that supports the work of managers and sales, marketing and customer service departments. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to automate and support the processes of acquiring and maintaining contact with customers.

The sales department in most well-organized companies bases its activities primarily on tasks in CRM. This is a convenient way to optimize work and increase employees productivity.

How do most of the climbing gyms plan employee activities?


In many climbing gyms, tasks assigned to employees are often unstructured. Employees do not have specific plans to attract new customers. As a result, many misunderstandings arise resulting in the loss of potential customers. Employee tasks related to serving current customers, selling passes and other monotonous activities are considered more important than engaging new contacts. This reduces the chances of acquiring new customers.

How will the implementation of automatic access control help?

With the introduction of automatic access control in the climbing gym, we can give employees more time to take actions related to acquiring new customers. Customers who have active membership or pass can enter the climbing gym using turnstiles and qr codes or transponders such as personalized cards. This does not require employee participation.

Moreover, instead of buying tickets from a reception desk employee, customers can do it by themselves, e.g. in a self-service kiosk. At this time, reception staff can, for example, call people who may be interested in joining the climbing gym. All activities aimed at acquiring new customers can be easily coordinated in the CRM in POS.

What benefits will CRM bring to your climbing gym?


Using CRM, employees do not have to remember about the details of planned tasks, because they can check them at any time in the POS. This reduces the risk of unnecessary mistakes caused by human factors, that is, unreliable memory of people or incorrect planning of sales activities.

In addition, the use of CRM allows you to create an efficient and detailed database. When organizing various types of promotions or events in the climbing gym, you can collect valuable contacts. Those can be contacts to people who visited the climbing gym during climbing competitions or other events organized in the location of the club. Having contact details of the person potentially interested in the offer of the club, you can save them in the CRM. You can add notes to the contacts and plan actions encouraging them to buy membership. Such leads, thanks to the appropriate actions of reception or sales staff, have a good chance to become your climbing gym loyal customers in the future. When one person decides to join the club you can complete additional data such as email address and type of membership. Then, you can easily transform the contact into customer.

If all the contacts are properly collected and the activities associated with them are well planned – there is a good chance of transforming those contacts into customers.

Give yourself a chance to increase the number of customers and develop your climbing gym!

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