About SharmaClimbing

Sharma Climbing is a Spanish climbing gym chain. It has three climbing centres consisting of climbing gyms, gyms and fitness centres. They are located in Barcelona, Madrid and Gava.

  • Climbing wall Gava

The largest of the walls in the Sharma Climbing chain. The surface of this site is 5000m2. It is divided into several zones: bouldering, speed, sport climbing and children’s area. It also has a fully equipped fitness room with zones such as bodybuilding area, functional training, calisthenics and stretching.

  • Climbing wall Madrid

The second largest wall from the Sharma Climbing chain. The surface of this site is 4500m2. The height of the climbing walls in this facility is up to 20 meters. It is divided into climbing zones with different climbing levels. It also has a specific area for children and fitness rooms.

  • Climbing wall Barcelona

Third of the walls available in the Sharma Climbing chain. The surface of  this facility is 1600m2. This climbing gym has walls of up to 12m with auto belays. It has a couple of specific zones for example open space for bouldering, multipurpose room for practicing yoga, sport climbing area and fully equipped fitness room.

Each of the facilities belonging to Sharma Climbing has a bar / restaurant and a place where customers can sit and relax after training, without walking out of the club.


Operating with the CLIMBMANAGER

Sharma Climbing started using CLIMBMANAGER in September 2021. The club decided to introduce partial automation of access control in all three locations. Currently in each of the facilities there is an access control in the form of turnstiles and gates. Customers and employees can get into the club with the Virdi readers, which allow them to enter the facility after scanning the card or the QR-code.

See how easy it is to enter our facility with the QR code:

Customer Panel

Sharma Climbing decided to use the Customer Panel 2.0, which, among other things, allows customers to purchase passes, memberships and book or cancel classes.

Thanks to using the Customer Panel 2.0, Sharma Climbing has greatly improved the work of the reception desk at the clubs. New customers visiting the club for the first time do not have to register at the reception in the club. They can do it online at home.. When a customer already has an account in the Customer Panel, they can manage their account and reservations by themself. In the Client Panel 2.0 Sharma Climbing customers can, for example, purchase passes, book or cancel classes and pay for the entrances online.

Booking Classes

Since each of the Sharma Climbing facilities offer organized classes with instructors, booking classes is a very important functionality. By using CLIMBMANAGER Sharma Climbing enables their customers to book classes online and, if necessary, cancel their attendance in classes. They also use the reserve list for classes in case someone who has booked the class is not able to attend and needs to cancel them.

Online payments

CLIMBMANAGER supports online payments at Sharma Climbing. The club is using the SEPA Recurring Payment System. This allows them to easily receive recurring payments from their customers for memberships and passes.

Summary of the results

With CLIMBMANAGER, Sharma Climbing has access to data from all its facilities in one system. Information available in POS combines data from the climbing gym management, gym and fitness scheduling and as well from bars and restaurants located in each site. This allows them to control the operation of all facilities and to see their whole sales results.