About CRUX Boulder

The CRUX climbing centre is the largest bouldering gym in the heart of Warsaw. It is the place created for training, rest and meeting with friends. The club is adapted for both professional climbers and people who want to start their adventure with climbing.



CRUX Boulder & CRUX Cafe is a complex facility consisting of the cafe and two bouldering rooms. The owner wanted to find a system that would allow comprehensive management of climbing gym entrances, class booking and sales in the cafe. CLIMBMANAGER enables managing all parts of the facility in one place and collects information on bouldering gym and cafe sales, class booking, pass purchases and many more.


Operating with CLIMBMANAGER

Customer Panel Online – climbing gym offer available 24/7 online

CRUX BOULDERING enables its members to register and edit account data, purchase and check available passes, browse class schedules, book and cancel classes at the club using the Online Customer Panel.


HID Readers – access control in the form of proximity cards

Club members receive proximity cards that are assigned to their personal accounts in the membership management system and allow them to get into the club. Customers with an active pass can quickly scan the card at the reception and enter the club to start training.


Desktop Application – managing day-to-day bouldering gym operation

The facility uses the POS application for comprehensive club management. CRUX uses POS to manage sales in both CRUX bouldering gym and CRUX cafe. The desktop application is also used, among others, to manage employees and their permissions, client accounts and contracts, class reservations or available passes.



CRUX Boulder has been using the CLIMBMANAGER system for over 10 years now!

During that period of time, both the software used to manage the bouldering gym and the facility itself have developed a lot. People working with the CLIMBMANAGER system in CRUX are satisfied with regularly introduced new features and upgrades facilitating club management.