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POS in a Climbing Gym – Practical Information

What is worth knowing about selling in the climbing gym? If you have no experience in working with POS in a climbing gym or you are wondering if CLIMBMANAGER solution has the options that are required for your business model, consider this article as an introduction to the topic of ...

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How to build long-term relationships with climbing-gyms customers?

Are you wondering how to keep a new customer in your climbing gym for longer?   Good relationships with customers are key to the success of any business. This also applies to sports facilities, including climbing gyms. To achieve long-term positive results, remember that maximizing the return on a single ...

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Dedicated Mobile Application for Climbing Gyms

Are you wondering how to make access to your climbing gym even easier for your customers? Do you want your customers to be able to book or cancel classes and easily edit their profile data using a smartphone?   We have the solution! Dedicated Mobile Application Today, almost everyone has ...

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Local server vs cloud storage for climbing gym

Local server or cloud storage?   Have you ever thought about which data storage solution is better for your climbing gym?   Secure and convenient storage of data is important in every business. Regardless of whether you run a small climbing gym or own a huge climbing gym chain.    ...

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Tablet applications for your climbing gym

Improve your climbing gym customers experience thanks to tablet applications   Nowadays, technology surrounds us from all sides. Modern technological solutions are being used to automate ticket sales and speed up registration, entry and exit to sports facilities. It is very helpful, but sometimes makes customers feel like one of ...

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What is check-in kiosk and how to use it in the climbing gym?

Check-in kiosks are self-service kiosks designed to control a customer’s time in your climbing gym. They allow customers to register, enter and leave the climbing gym by themselves, using scanners and simple tablet devices. This reduces the responsibilities of the receptionist and shortens the time to enter and leave the ...

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Why are simple sale kiosks valuable for your business?

  Why are simple sale kiosks valuable for your business? The success of every business is made by the happiness of its customers. Make your climbing gyms guests happy thanks to the CLIMBMANAGER software with the possibility to use simple sale kiosks.   Our new product ‘simple sale kiosk’ is ...

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8 techniques to increase climbing gym membership sales

Sales tactics in the gym business are key. The success of a climbing gym is built on its members. So how do you increase your gym’s sales? Prepare an offer of membership that a customer will not want to cancel.   For the customer, the contract should be easy to ...

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How to attract more customers to a climbing gym?

Ensure that formalities don’t get in the way of gaining climbing gym customers.   Imagine yourself shopping online. You find an online store, you want to finalize the transaction, but the store doesn’t allow you to spend your money! First, you are asked to read and accept the terms and ...

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Back to the climbing gym – be ready to open a business

Are you getting ready to re-open your climbing gym? Make sure your customers are enthusiastic about your offer and customer service.   Back to the climbing gym – be ready to open a business   We are happy with you that you can finally re-open your climbing gym! However, if ...

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