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BRONX BOULDERING is a modern climbing center located in Cracow. It was opened in January 2020. The facility has a 350m2 climbing panel and a large mattress area. The climbing wall is dedicated to climbing without a rope where climbing safety is ensured by the professional mattresses. It’s a cosy climbing gym with a cameral atmosphere. This facility has a huge potential for training, for both: professional climbers and for people who are just starting their climbing journey. BRONX BOULDERING organizes climbing classes and sporting activities for school youth.

BRONX BOULDERING also has a restaurant which offers customers tasty, vegetatian food, coffee and other beverages. There is also a garden and a plenty of space for climbing gym customers to spend leisure time with friends after training.

The owner of BRONX BOULDERING – Marcin Wszołek, is one of Polish most outstanding climbers, a multiple Champion of Poland in climbing competitions. He also has extensive experience in working as a routesetter during professional national competitions as well as during the World Championships. His professional experience has enabled him to create a modern climbing center that guarantees visitors the ability to develop their climbing skills, under the guidance of specialists.

I have been using Climmmanager software for more than two years. It’s very intuitive and functional. Membership management, class schedule, POS system etc. provided by one company. They’re professional and always happy to help

Marcin |  owner of BRONX


Operating with the CLIMBMANAGER

From the very beginning BRONX uses CLIMBMANGER to manage the facility. The software helps to organize club management, partially automate club operations and combine both the climbing gym management and the restaurant and fitbar in the one system. To manage the whole, complex facility the CLIMBMANAGER provides among others: membership management, class schedules and payment processing.

We’ve talked with Paulina Kruszyńska – the BRONX BOULDERING manager. See, how using CLIMBMANAGER affects the management of their facility.

What does the implementation of the new employee of the reception look like?

The system is very intuitive, simple to use. I noticed that every new employee quickly learns how to work on it. CLIMBMANAGER offers a range of features that can meet the needs of any demanding customer. Even now, after more than two years of using the system, we do not use some of the functionalities. However, we intend to implement more functionalities it in the near future. I know that this will further improve the management of our facility.

How does the customer service in the system look like now?

Every new customer has a system account created. We create a customer card. Then a new climbing gym member can buy passes. The customer with a card in the system is then added to the selected group and can register to the classes.

What do you think are the most useful software features you use?

We have a combined restaurant and a climbing wall, so the system is actually used in two places. However, all data is entered into one warehouse (data entry is linked), all information is collected in one system. It is very useful, that in one place we have an overview of the data from each of the components of our facility.

Could you imagine climbing gym management without a CLIMBMANAGER?

I personally have been working in climbing gyms for 13 or 14 years now. As I started in another facility, there was no system. Instead, there was a paper card, names written on it, a table. Customers signed up to the ‘I am’ list, they had paper cards/passes. Now I can’t imagine how this could work here without software. That would be a complete chaos!



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