Author: Magdalena Sala

climbing gym KPIs

KPIs of Climbing Gyms

Read about the most important KPIs of climbing gyms to verify your business strategy. You can also create your own KPIs, consistent with your business model.   KPIs of Climbing Gyms   Revenue per Square Metre or Foot (RPSF)   What does the indicator determine? RPSF determines how much money ...

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climbing gym membership tips min

8 techniques to increase climbing gym membership sales

Sales tactics in the gym business are key. The success of a climbing gym is built on its members. So how do you increase your gym’s sales? Prepare an offer of membership that a customer will not want to cancel.   For the customer, the contract should be easy to ...

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climbing gym online account min

How to attract more customers to a climbing gym?

Ensure that formalities don’t get in the way of gaining climbing gym customers.   Imagine yourself shopping online. You find an online store, you want to finalize the transaction, but the store doesn’t allow you to spend your money! First, you are asked to read and accept the terms and ...

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